Explore Yalong Bay

Yalong bay is located in China's southernmost tropical seaside tourism city - 28 km southeast of sanya, hainan is the southernmost tip of a half moon bay, about 7.5 km, is the famous scenery of hainan. Yalong bay formerly known as the tooth longwan, later renamed the yalong bay. Yalong bay beach and smooth 7 kilometers wide, shallow sea area of 50 to 60 meters wide. Clearing the glittering and translucent white and soft sands, seawater, and blue. Visibility 2 to 4 m, suitable for diving. Underwater world is rich in resources such as coral reefs, all kinds of tropical fish, rare shellfish. The annual average temperature 25.5 ° C, the water temperature 22 to 25.1 ° C, all the year round can be swimming, was regarded as the first bay "day".